"The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of every day thinking."

Albert Einstein

Maths is painting without the brush; Painting is maths without the chalk

Although at a superficial level mathematics and painting may be perceived as of very different nature, they are profoundly similar at a deep conceptual and functional level. The deep and significant kinship between math and painting becomes evident, when one considers that both disciplines are concerned with a symbolic description of aspects of the surrounding world.

Complexity, collective effects, and modeling of ecosystems

Does “Complexity” bear any specific meaning or is it just synonymous with complicated and yet not comprehended phenomena? We argue that it is possible and useful to use the term in a specific and reasonably well-defined way. It is useful because a number of common trends and implications become clear when a phenomenon is classified as part of “Complexity Science.”

Complexity Science

Complexity & Networks science deals with collective dynamics. This is an interdisciplinary research area which aims to improve our understanding of complex systems, that is, a system with a large number of interacting components.