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Tim Evans’ Research

Tim Evans’ main interest is in the behaviour of many body systems both in and out of equilibrium. Currently he is interested in ideas falling under the broad area of complex systems.  In particular the properties of Complex Networks, such as the “six degrees of separation”, intrigue me.  This is both from a theoretical perspective and in terms of applications to practical problems such as bibliometrics or cultural transmission, part of an interest in sociophysics in general. For instance Tim has an ongoing project in Archaeology. Tim is also interested in Quantum Field theory in general.  His early research was on the many-body problems where the underlying dynamics is described by quantum field theory, a topic known as Thermal Field Theory or Finite Temperature Field Theory.  Initially this was in the context of relativistic particle physics which is important for applications such as cosmology and quark gluon plasmas. Later Tim became interested in parallel problems in condensed matter physics, where lab based experiments can be performed. Tim is also interested in general issues with quantum field theory which led to work on multiplicative anomalies and in turn their implications for zeta-function renormalisation in...

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